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Pizzerias in Rome

Our Tasty Guide to the Best Pizzerias in Rome

August 25, 2017 10:00 am by

Forget the pasta for a second, here’s some of the best pizzerias in Rome!

While Rome may be renowned for being the birthplace of carbonara, it’s worth trying one of Italy’s greatest imports – pizza. From classic margaritas to adventurous gourmet toppings, grab a slice at some of the most popular pizzerias in Rome below.


For a Neapolitan-style pizza, head to Sforno where creativity abounds and both locals and tourist crave their offerings. As one of Rome’s most popular pizzerias, it’s best to book in advance but it’s all worth it. Their Cacio e Pepe pizza is world famous, bringing the classic pasta staple to pizza bases with a healthy dusting of peppery Pecorino cheese. It’s also worth venturing into their appetiser selection for some fritti, their fried zucchini flowers are finger licking good.

La Gatta Mangiona

This restaurant translates to ‘the greedy cat’ in English and we totally understand why. You’ll have finished one of their delicious pizzas before you know it and taste the quality with every bite. This restaurant prioritises seasonal ingredients, premium dough and goes to town with their flavour combinations (plus there’s a long list of craft beers if that’s more your speed).

Pizzeria da Remo

If you like your pizzas thin-crusted and packed with flavour, Pizzeria da Remo is the place to be. Everybody else in Rome is clued into it as well so get there early for dinner, otherwise risk missing out on their simple yet mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas. Located out in the trendy Testaccio neighbourhood, it’s always bustling with energy and every table is laden with their signature margherita pizza.

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Pizzarium Bonci

If you’re not up for a massive meal, Pizzarium serves up thick gourmet pizzas by the slice. Run by Gabriele Bonci, a renowned Roman pizza maker, its little storefront may be humble but the food is nothing if not fancy. Using seasonal ingredients and a complex dough-making process, you’ll find creative combinations like mascarpone and anchovies, steak and blue cheese as well as the classics.

Ai Marmi

There’s no bells and whistles here – Ai Marmi’s all about the pie and nothing else. Named after its long marble tables, it’s great value for money with fantastic pizza for a fraction of the price. Their suppli and fried zucchini flowers are popular favourites as well (in fact, the latter are occasionally used as toppings) and nobody leaves with an empty stomach. Located out in Trastevere, it’s also open late if you’re looking for something to fill the midnight hours.

La Pratolina

If you’re out near the Vatican City, La Pratolina is a great place to stop off for a meal. It’s closer to traditional Roman pizza and comes in an oblong shape, all with a thin yet slightly raised crust crust. Prosciutto’s the name of the game here, with pizza dough made from a mixture of flours for a rich unique taste.


Located in the heart of Rome, Emma is undoubtedly one of the fancier options on the list and an ideal date night option. While it’s less pizzeria and more of a proper sit-down restaurant, there’s no debating the quality of these pizzas – especially as it’s associated with the Roscioli Group who have some of the bakeries and delis across the capital. Think top of the line mozzarella, olive oil and dough baked with generations of experience.